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Tradtional Clock Conversions

We can provide a wide range of solutions for existing mechanical, electrical clocks and driving mechanisms.

Traditional or 'hand wound' clocks that require winding on a regular basis can be fitted with electrically operated Automatic Winding Units. This type of work is always done in such a way that the original historical integrity of the clock is not compromised or altered.

In some instances it is often found that space around a mechanical clock is at a premium. In such instances we can offer direct drive solutions with modern electronic back up systems. These are normally individually tailored to suit each location however if feasible they can be provided on a supply only basis.

Our experience and manufacturing knowledge of electrical mechanism enables us to offer cost effective solutions on existing electric clocks and systems.

We often hear that a mechanism has been described as 'obsolete'. In many cases we can offer a guaranteed refurbishment solution rather than replace such units.


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