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  • Our Traditional Roman clock dials are convex in form and manufactured from colour impregnated GRP.
  • The main noticable 'difference' is the addition of a raised outer 'ring'.
  • They are typically hand finished in finest 231/2 carat gold leaf. Characters on white dials are traditionally finished in black.
  • Each clock is supplied complete with a pair of hands and a mains driven mechanism.

Click here for our Traditional Clocks Brochure

Prices shown below exclude VAT but include delivery to mainland UK.

Traditional Style Exterior Clock
Classic Style Exterior Clock

To place an order for one of our external clocks simply:

1. Quote the size and style.


*Please add 20% for the Verdigris finish.

2. Choose the dial colour.

Our dials are available in a choice of 7 standard colours, but can be produced to any BS or RAL colour.

Dark blue classic external clock
Black classic external clock
Burgundy classic exterior clock
Copper effect classic exterior clock
White classic exterior clock
Green classic external clock
Light blue classic external clock
Dark Blue
Light Blue

3. Choose the hand style.

Spade - Shown on the Green dial above
Ball - Shown on the Dark Blue dial above

4. Decide how you are going to install the clock.

There are many ways of installing a clock on a building. Typical installation drawings are available by clicking here. Alternatively please feel free to call one of our technical advisors to discuss your requirements.

5. Clock Control Systems

These are optional items. Our standard clock mechanisms will operate direct from a mains power supply. However without a control unit the time will have to be manually adjusted for BST / GMT changes and also after a power failure. Click here to learn more about our controllers.

Resynchroniser controller NOW ONLY £200

6. And finally, do you have any special / additional requirements such as sign writing or another one of our products.

7. Call 01489 797773



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